PC-based classroom B14-20

The B14-20 classroom is used for the teaching of electrotechnical subjects such as Electrical measurement, Applied sensorics, Modelling and simulation, during which it is necessary to use various specialized software. Computers are equipped with the programs such as MATLAB, MultiSIM, QuickField, OrCAD or Fedora Electronic Lab. It is also possible to provide here engineering activities in the area of CAD-Computer aided design, CAM-Computer aided manufacturing, CAE-Computer aided engineering. It covers 3D modelling and strength analysis using the finite element method in the Creo + Mechanica (Static, Modal, Buckling, Fatigue, Dynamic, Thermal) software. It can be used for the CAD/CAM/CAE applications taught in the engineering specialisations at the Faculty of Aeronautics in the subjects such as Computer aided construction or Application of CAE methods in aviation.

Classrooms B16-28, B14-5, B14-6, B14-19, B15-14, UB-131 and UB-133

Classrooms are used for the teaching of various general and also technical subjects for the study groups from 24 to 112 students. Almost all classrooms are equipped with the projectors and white boards. The B14-5 and B14-6 were recently reconstructed; however reconstruction of all classrooms is planned.