Student's scientific and research activity 2012/2013

Competition for the best scientific and research thesis within the frame of
Students’ Scientific and Research Activity (SSRA) 2012/2013

Results of the 3nd year of the SSRA competition in the Avionic and sensoric systems section

Student's name
Bc. František ONDERKO
Heading Information of ADF of III. Generation
Assoc. Prof. Ing. Ján Labun, PhD.
2D Sensors of Vector Fields Calibration Using Neural Networks
Assoc. Prof. Ing. Dušan Praslička, PhD.
Local Positioning System
Assoc. Prof. Ing. Ján Labun, PhD.

Results of the 3rd year of the SSRA competition in the Aviation Engineering section

Aircraft operations
  1. Bc. Maroš KOMJÁTY
    Digital Control Design of MPM-20 Output Jet
  2. Bc. Peter SAMSELY
    MOdular Bar Construction of UAV frame
  3. Dalibor KUŽMA
    3D Model of Output Mechanism of MPM-20 Small Turbojet Engine

Airport Operations
  1. Bc. Helena VARECHOVÁ
    Protection of Energetic, Radar and Navigation Airport Equipment
  2. Bc. Dagmara KOCAIOVÁ
    Monitoring Methods of Airport and Aircraft Deicing Materials
  3. Bc. Ingrid KÁNTOROVÁ
    Qualitative Requirements Put on Airports' Daily Markings

Important information and dates

     3rd year of the SSRA competition was taken place in three sections:

  • Aviation engineering,
  • Aviation and sensoric systems,
  • Air Transport Management.


     SSRA competition date: 11th April 2013
     Competition start: 14:00 hod.
     SSRA venue: B16/20 - Department of Avionics

     The SSRA competition has a form of a public presentation with the duration of max. 7 min. and of a discussion with the duration of 5 minutes. The committee has a right to change the presentations' duration according to the number of presented works.

     SSRA thesis are rated according to the following criteria>

  • scientific contribution and work originallity (0-20 points),
  • used methods and recency of a solved problem (0-20 points),
  • presentation (technique, presentation, figure documentation) (0-20 points),
  • student concern in the work (0-10 points),
  • discussion (ability to react to the questions of the committee members and audience) (0-20 points),
  • abstract (following of regulations for abstract writing, accuracty and grammar) (0-10 points).

Committe for the Avionic and sensoric systems section

     Ing. Róbert BRÉDA, PhD.

     Committee members:
     Ing. Rudolf ANDOGA, PhD.
     Ing. Pavol LIPOVSKÝ, PhD.
     Ing. Miroslav LAŠŠÁK

Topics of the SSRA thesis solved at our Department

SSRA’s thesis topic:
Autonomous Return of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
To design and realize a system for an autonomous return of the vehicle by the signal loss and on the basis of a command.
Student’s name:Bc. Ján BAJÚS
SSRA advisor:Assoc. Prof. Ing. Jozef Hudák, CSc.
Defence:April 2013

SSRA’s thesis topic:
Utilization Possibilities of Optoelectronic Sensors for Mobile Robotic Platform Motion Control
Analysis of utilization possibilities of optoelectronic sensors for mobile robotic Arduino POO-BOT platform motion control, analysis of a convenient placement of the sensors.
Student’s name:Bc. Martin DŽUGAN
SSRA advisor:Ing. František Kmec, PhD.
Defence:April 2013

SSRA’s thesis topic:
Neural Networks in Sensor Technology
Theoretical analysis of utilization possibilities of neural networks in sensor technology and their modelling.
Student’s name:Tomáš KLIMENT
SSRA advisor:Assoc. Prof. Ing. Dušan Praslička, PhD.
Defence:April 2013

SSRA’s thesis topic:

Modular Bar Construction of UAV Frame
Design of the frame with the possibility of application for 3- and 4-rotor configuration on the basis of input requirements, processing of basic structural strength analysis and manufacturing of a functional model using the 3D printer as a basis for the prototype manufacturing.
Student’s name:Bc. Peter SAMSELY
SSRA advisor:Ing. Karol Semrád, PhD.
Defence:April 2013